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After a turbulent 18 months, Fleming praises Jadeja’s “fairytale”


Stephen Fleming, the head coach of Chennai Super Kings, lavished admiration on Ravindra Jadeja for his gallant finishing in Tuesday’s early hours. The left-hander displayed steely grit under pressure to hit 10 off the final two balls and give CSK their fifth IPL championship, tying them with Mumbai Indians for the record of most consecutive IPL teams.

Since being given the captaincy at the beginning of last season, the southpaw has experienced a roller coaster of emotions. Midway through a disappointing campaign for both him and the club, he was forced to relinquish the position to Dhoni. Jadeja has struggled with injuries as well, but he has made a good recovery in all formats, culminating in his valiant efforts for CSK, where he batted the team to victory.

With regard to Jadeja’s erratic relationship with the team since the IPL 2022, Fleming remarked, “They say there are no fairytales in sport, but that was a pretty good one today.” “The captaincy was challenging for the first 18 months, definitely. The injury was challenging. He needed some time to get away from the game, reenergize himself for the Test match, and then reintegrate with CSK.

He uses the ball quite well. But because we have so much weaponry, we occasionally utilize him lower in the chain of command. But something has to be sacrificed. And MS has been quite proactive in helping bring him up there, and tonight he paid back that faith,” Fleming continued.

When Ambati Rayudu came out and smacked 6 4 6 off one of the best death bowlers of this season, Mohit Sharma, in the 13th over, the Gujarat Titans’ grip on the game started to wane. Despite the fact that Mohammed Shami delivered a magnificent last over, the equation shrank dramatically, leaving Mohit to defend 13 off six balls. By throwing his yorkers flawlessly and allowing just 3 runs off the first four deliveries, Mohit successfully recovered from the devastation of his previous over. When Jadeja took strike with 10 to get off of 2 balls, the odds started to lean in GT’s favor. However, Mohit slightly overshot his length, and Jadeja profited by putting it in for a six down the ground.

The six in particular, from a ball that was nearly flawless, was crucial, according to Fleming. “And to finish it off, a good left-handed pitcher hit through fine leg. I am ecstatic for him beyond words. Yes, there have been times when it has been frustrating, but he is a gun player. He is currently ranked No. 1 and performed well today.

Rayudu’s heroics were the reason CSK even found themselves in a position where they needed 10 points off of 2 in order to win. He anticipated Mohit’s change in speed, kept his footing, and carried two massive sixes over far off. He also sent a wide yorker attempt through more cover for a four. Although he went out on the following ball, his 8-ball 19 set up CSK’s thrilling final victory. Fleming offered his congratulations to the departing batter and predicted that he will leave a significant void in the team.

“Ambati Rayudu is unquestionably a legend. I think so highly of him,” Fleming declared. “That over and the three balls Mohit Sharma faced demonstrated why.” One of the effective death bowlers is Mohit, and Rayudu struck him for 6, 4, and 6 with the utmost class. There’s no denying that he’ll leave a void behind.

But the game continues to advance, doesn’t it? He has realized that it is time for him to leave, both mentally and physically, as well as by gazing around the room. That has been respected. It was quite emotional for both the group and him for him to leave them in that way. I’m very happy for him and what he did for CSK, Fleming continued.

Despite winning the title at the end of the previous cycle before the mega auction (in 2021), CSK found it difficult to manage the reconstruction of their team for the 2022 campaign. They came in second to last place, but they bounced back the following year to move up the points standings and eventually win the prized trophy. Fleming believed that breaking apart a successful team and reassembling it was an emotional event.

“I think it’s important to acknowledge that it can be pretty upsetting to lose your team after winning in the last year [of the cycle]. Because you worked so hard over the course of the four-year cycle to achieve your goals, it is actually fairly difficult to rebuild the next year.

“And you have a champion team that will be broken up and dissected. Losing athletes is actually a difficult process. A prime illustration of that is losing Faf. Therefore, it was imperative that we try to reassemble the puzzle using individuals who, in our opinion, have the desired skill level and playing style, according to Fleming.

According to Fleming, the purpose of the previous season was to acclimate players to the manner they play cricket. He reserved special admiration for the Gujarat Titans’ approach to winning in their inaugural campaign and reaching the championship game the following year.

“Last year, merely exposing the players to the CSK system and acclimating them to the IPL took a little while. Here is where I have to give Gujarat a ton of respect for how they entered the competition and even made it to the final today. They recruited well and had a very clear idea of what they wanted in their players, and they executed it incredibly well, according to Fleming.

“We also make an effort to do that. In the auctions, you sometimes succeed and other times you fail, but over the course of three years, you keep bolstering any areas that may be a little bit deficient. And it is constantly the focus. We made it through this year, but we still need to improve while other teams just keep getting stronger.

“After that, we’ll split off once more. We have all these wonderful relationships, but sometimes we have to break them apart and start over. We may have been a touch depressed emotionally the previous year, but this year we were definitely more focused on what the players needed and what we wanted from them, he continued.

However terrifying the experience may be, CSK can gain some comfort from the knowledge that Dhoni has postponed making his final decision and intends to put out a lot of effort to return for one more season.

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