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Australian cricket in despair. Ex-players lament Justin Langer coaching.


Australian players leaked their unhappiness with Justin Langer coaching after his contentious departure. “Highly volatile” was one report. He kicked chairs, snatched a lunch from a player, and was too rough for the current generation of players.

After Australia failed to reach the T20 world cup semis, Pink Floy, I wish you were here seeming inevitable. Former all rounder Simon o Donnell called Langer.

“The Langer thing is huge in this,” Donnell told SEN radio. “People did not like how it transpired,and Justin Langer was greatly loved as a player and went about his job, he was hard-nosed, and the unceremonious dumping of the coach and the players' activity behind the scenes in that, that has left a lot of peoples' mouths sour. “When player opinion started flowing in, things got murky,”Donnell said.

“Leadership cannot be negotiated, and you cannot be there because the players like you. You there because your performance must meet specific standards. "(The players) turned, and now we find out whether the turn and the players' decision to turn is going to be any good for Australian cricket;Andrew McDonald and the players face a crucial year.

The current coach, Andrew McDonald, is soft, personable, and easygoing—just what the players desired. Australia won Tests in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. McDonald then fell. After a devastating loss at Galle Test, white-ball cricket has stumbled.

“Negotiation does not lead. I will do it this way if you’re happy doesn’t lead. Andrew McDonald must stamp this and say, this is me as a coach Donnell remarked. How does he do it? How is he their employer and mate? I see difficulties when you muddy that line.”

Michael Clarke, Mark Waugh, and Ricky Ponting? Former Australian captain Michael Clarke also resigned. “Australians in general, on the biggest stage under the most pressure, always put it on the line and have a crack. We do not mind losing. We picked an attacking 11 for this World Cup but played cautiously. Very Un – Australian,& Clarke said on Sen radio.

On Afghanistan match day, Mark Waugh tweeted his dismay. “Geez Australia's body language seems flat”. Starc should play. He can tear through Afghanistan as a wicket-taking bowler. Richardson a holding bowler.”“It doesn’t feel right,” Mark Waugh told RSN radio.

“They appear nervous and unhappy. No idea. &Easy when you haven’t got anything on the line but I think the selectors have been very, very prudent for the previous six months,& Waugh remarked. Waugh responded, “Grow some kahunas.” “We’re so far behind it’s not funny,” he said.Glenn Maxwell should replace Aaron Finch as T20 captain, according to Ricky Ponting. To be honest, Australia has been a little off in all sectors. Field play has been sloppy. Their bowling Hasn’t been fantastic, and their batsmen arguably haven’t scored the runs they should have either,especially at the top of the order. They obviously just have themselves to blame.”

To replace Aaron Finch, Australia needs start rebuilding this side with the next generation. Two years from now, Australia will play the T20 World Cup.

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