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Babar Azam expects Pakistani fans can travel to India for the World Cup


Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan, stated that he was taken aback by the reception given to his team in India. Babar admitted to having a change of heart once the team arrived in Hyderabad, where they had already played two exhibition games and will soon begin the competition.

He started off when asked if the reception would be daunting, “To be honest, we also heard that. “But since the time we arrived in Hyderabad, the kind of hospitality we’ve received and the kind of welcome we had from the airport to the hotel…even in the last match at the ground, we felt very good,” he remarked.

There was a lot of speculation about visas after Pakistan arrived in India, some of which has been resolved with journalists also scheduled to arrive. Babar intended for followers to cross the border despite the fact that it is still possible but uncertain.

It will be even wonderful if our supporters attend. Looking forward to it, and I hope we receive that type of support at every game and venue,” he remarked.

Even before Pakistan and India’s match in Ahmedabad, which is expected to draw a record audience to the tournament, the captain of India sounded upbeat in his message to the other captains at the media event held on tournament eve.

“Every leader present wants to do something really, truly special for their nation, and there is a valued possession. Growing up, I always dreamed of playing in the 50-over World Cup, and I’m sure that goes for all the other players in this room as well. People are going to enjoy the tournament here, of that I am certain, and everyone will be aware. The stadiums will be filled since everyone in this country loves cricket. They adore their team, but they also love cricket, so be reassured that the tournament will be excellent, according to Rohit Sharma.

The importance of the ODI World Cup and its format have been questioned frequently, but Rohit and Kane Williamson, the captain of New Zealand, were adamant in their opinions about the competition.

“I believe the World Test Championship and T20 World Cups are still significant tournaments that happen every four years. But I still believe the ODI globe Cup—and I imagine everyone else in the room feels the same way—is one of the best competitions we can play in the globe, said Williamson, as Rohit backed up the expectations of the Indian public.

“Everyone is incredibly enthusiastic. Every time we traveled throughout India a month ago, before we even started playing these warm-up matches, the topic of conversation was the World Cup. And it is customary in India for people to get really thrilled whenever a significant event occurs there. Since cricket is the most popular sport in India, I’m not shocked by the fervor among the populace. It is widespread throughout the entire nation, not just in one or two places. Everywhere we go, the World Cup is in the conversation. The fact that it is happening in India after 12 years gives people even more reason to be thrilled, according to Rohit.

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