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Bangladesh ODI skipper Tamim Iqbal resigns


Tamim Iqbal, the oldest batsman for Bangladesh, has declared his intention to resign as the team’s ODI captain with immediate effect. The 34-year-old’s decision to leave the 50-over format was recently reversed in an instant under dramatic circumstances, which led to the current turn of events. The most recent call from Tamim was apparently made with a view towards reducing his workload with the World Cup just around the corner.

As you are aware, I met with Jalal Yunus and Papon Hassan for a crucial discussion. We have talked about what will take place moving forward. In a news conference with the BCB president, Tamim announced, “Today I resign as the ODI captain of the Bangladesh cricket team.

“I have received injections, but at this point, the results are essentially hit or miss. I’ve discussed my issues with them. I’ve always put the team first,” he continued.

The best thing to do would be to step down. I spoke with the PM today and gave her the message as well, and she did a great job of explaining everything to me. The most important thing is that I should relinquish my captaincy for the benefit of the team and strive to play at my highest level at all times.

Tamim acknowledged that there was no use in pressuring himself into participating in the forthcoming Asia Cup, but he is still optimistic about making the following New Zealand series.

“I could have participated in the Asia Cup if we had forced the matter, but neither the medical team nor those of us seated here wanted that. I have a lot of hope for the New Zealand series,” he declared.

Mashrafe Mortaza stepped down as Bangladesh’s ODI captain in March 2020, and Tamim led the side to 21 victories in 37 50-over matches, concluding with a win % of 56.75, only behind Mortaza’s mark for the nation’s captains (56.81).

“The trip was amazing, and the outcome speaks for itself. I believe I performed admirably in my role as captain. I could have come off as quite conceited if I’d said I wanted to keep my job as captain,” he remarked.

“See, even if I don’t have the title of captain, whenever I play, I’ll lead by example. What I mean is that, whoever the captain is, I will do everything I can to support him or her, he or she continued.

Earlier on July 6, during an emotional news conference in Chattogram, Tamim stunned the entire cricketing community by announcing his surprise decision to retire from international cricket with immediate effect. Tamim was forced to change his mind as a result of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s involvement, though.

Tamim’s fitness for the Asia Cup is questionable, according to Cricbuzz, and BCB cricket operation head Jalal Yunus claimed the southpaw won’t be playing in the forthcoming competition.

As you are aware, Tamim has disc injuries in the L4 and L5 of his back. He has travelled abroad for treatment for at least a year. His injuries in L4 and L5, which are where the pain is produced, were discovered after he visited numerous doctors and recently travelled to London, according to Yunus. “Injection was a possibility; it was used to block a nerve, and it took two days for the injection to take action. He received another injection while still experiencing some pain. He was instructed to wait two days to learn.

He experienced some relief from his agony, but on July 28 it was announced that he needed two weeks of relaxation. He will reach August 11th after a first week of complete rest and the following week. He will then start rehab in a low-key manner without any intensity, and two weeks will pass. The pace of his improvement would then need to be gradually accelerated, however it cannot be done with match-like intensity, the man stated.

After that, he won’t be able to go back to the nets for two more weeks. As you are aware, the Asia Cup schedule would resume at that point, and his energy couldn’t rise before the 21st. Tamim won’t be able to return before the Asia Cup because the team leaves for the tournament on the 26th. Tamim’s comeback for the Asia Cup will not be possible, as we have discussed in the interim with Dr. Debashish, Tamim, and the president of the BCB. Tamim won’t be available for the Asia Cup because of this, Jalal continued.

“We’ll let you know who will lead the team going ahead. He will require injections because it is a reoccurring injury, as Tamim stated. Surgery is an option, but if he chooses to pursue it, recovering will be exceedingly challenging. He might therefore decide against choosing that choice. We are optimistic that he will be healthy for the New Zealand series before the World Cup because he stated that he would be eligible for it. His attendance at those occasions will be assisted by our medical department, the speaker continued.

In a few days, BCB is anticipated to reveal the ODI captain. According to reports, Shakib Al Hasan is hesitant to assume leadership, but the board will make an effort to persuade him. If it fails, Litton Das will probably be named skipper.

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