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EA predicts World Cup champions for fourth straight time as Argentina wins in nail-biting Finals


Messi validated EA’s forecasts by winning Argentina’s third World Cup in penalty shootouts. The developers successfully projected Spain, Germany, and France as the last three World Cup winners.

Electronic Arts’ FIFA 23 simulation correctly predicted that Messi’s Argentine team would win the Cup last month. Most of the knockout stages played out differently in real life than EA had predicted.

The expected Final was between Brazil and Argentina, instead France faced La Albiceleste. The match ended in penalties after Mbappe’s hat trick. FIFA 23’s simulation predicted Argentina would win 1-0.

FIFA 23 simulation vs. real-world numbers

FIFA 23 is EA’s newest football game and has been well-received. With several new state-of-the-art capabilities, it’s the closest a game has come to imitating actual sports. The product predicted the World Cup winner again.

The simulation has many errors. Electronic Arts’ predictions against what happened in Qatar.

EA predicted Messi would win the Golden Boot with eight goals after Argentina’s win. Mbappe’s Finals hat trick surpassed Messi’s seven goals to win the title. The Argentine won Tournament MVP.

Brazil didn’t live up to the sim’s expectations, losing to Croatia in the quarterfinals on penalties. EA anticipated Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal will reach the Semifinals. The simulation predicted a second-to-last-round loss to Brazil. Morocco won.

According to FIFA 23, Morocco didn’t make the knockout stages. In one of the biggest upsets in contemporary World Cup history, the team eliminated Portugal, Spain, Germany, and Belgium.

FIFA 23 has correctly predicted the World Cup champion for four years running. The world’s best football simulation software.

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