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Former junior World No. 1 Daniel Vallejo: “Rafael Nadal’s ball is more unpleasant than it seems”


The Rafa Nadal Academy in Manacor, Mallorca, has produced several excellent players. Daniel Vallejo, 18, the current World No. 4 on the ITF juniors circuit, has already trained with Rafael Nadal. The experience awed him.

Vallejo, the junior World No. 1 in August, joined the academy a few months ago and has practised with Federer many times. The Paraguayan teenager said Nadal trains harder than in matches.

Vallejo told Punto de Break that the Spaniard smacks the ball “ten times harder” in training than on the court.

“The ball Rafael Nadal sends is even more uncomfortable than it seems. In training, he hits 10 times harder than in games “Vallejo, Daniel.

A few months at the top-notch tennis programme have already enhanced Vallejo’s game. The youngster praised the academy’s facilities.

“Facilities and training make it a 10 already. Since I’ve been here for four months, everything has gone nicely “Vallejo.

Rafael Nadal is an idol, says Daniel Vallejo.22-time Grand Slam winner in Chile.

Daniel Vallejo of Paraguay said he doesn’t aim to emulate Rafael Nadal or adopt components of his game because his style is different. However, he hopes to learn from the 36-year-mental old’s strength. Vallejo stated the Spanish southpaw is a “idol” to many young players.

“Nadal is impossible not to be an idol, but I don’t appreciate him as much as others because his game isn’t like mine. Mentally, though, he’s an example. We share nothing else “Vallejo told.

The kid has five ITF singles titles and a 23-6 record. The 2004-born player is the only Paraguayan in the top 1,000 ATP Rankings.

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