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He is aware of the core group of players for the 2023 ICC World Cup. Rohit Sharma is praised by Ravi Shastri as a seasoned captain


Ravi Shastri, a former head coach of India, supported Rohit Sharma as a captain to succeed at both the ICC World Cup 2023 and the Asia Cup 2023. He praised him for being a seasoned captain and claimed that during major competitions, he acts differently.

The Indian Cricket Team is scheduled to compete in the ICC World Cup and the Asia Cup in 2023. They have been scrutinized for a time because they consistently lose in the major competitions.

They will undoubtedly be favorites to win both the Asia Cup and the World Cup, especially given that both competitions will be played in familiar environments and to the team’s assortment of spinners.

Rohit Sharma, the team’s captain, will be the center of attention because of his enormous responsibility. In addition to being a batter, he will need to be a leader because many people will be counting on him. If India wants to be confident in their prospects of victory, he must also carry the other players effectively.

Prior to the World Cup, Rohit Sharma, according to Ravi Shastri, would step up his game as captain. He emphasized that the captain is aware of the team’s core members and that he must ensure that his batters are adaptable.

He said in a statement to Star Sports: “I think he is a seasoned leader. He will raise the stakes come World Cup time. There are bilateral agreements. When it comes to major competitions, you turn on differently. He is familiar with the key players. He wants to make sure that everyone in the batting order understands that they do not possess any hitting positions.

“Your batting ladder needs to be adaptable. whatever the player’s name may be. Positions are not yours to own. You need to be adaptable. Use the proper men against the right opposition; that is crucial.

ICC World Cup 2023: It seems fairly simple to me. Ravi Shastri on the selection process for the Indian team
Ravi Shastri went on to remark that because the selectors have a predetermined pool of talent, choosing the squad won’t be challenging. Until someone else is chosen in place of someone else, he continued, he doesn’t see any difficulties in selecting the team.

He said: “The think tank would have considered a group of 18 or 20 players at least four or five months prior to the World Cup and then provided opportunities to each of them, kept an eye on the injuries as well, you know, whatever players who were part of the mix who got injured and just came back, and then pick the right guys.

“I find it to be rather simple because you base your decision on the 18 players and current form. There aren’t 20 or 22 options available. It isn’t a headache, in my opinion. When you choose one over another and one or two guys are forced to pass, there will undoubtedly be some confusion.

India has not yet announced its team for the 2023 Asia Cup. According to the sources, the team will be revealed on August 20. It’s safe to conclude that this will provide significant insight into the World Cup roster as well.

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