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People often say, “A hard day’s work makes for a better tomorrow,” and that’s how Virat Kohli’s last 3 years have gone. After Covid, India’s best chaser lost his touch, but he kept working hard to fix his mistakes. However, there was a point in his career when nothing he did worked. But tough people last longer than tough times. Virat Kohli was lucky that he was able to take a break from cricket before the Asia Cup.

Things would go back to how they were not because of magic. Runs started coming back for Virat Kohli in the Asia Cup with his first T20I century. Even though he was criticized for being slow in T20, he ended up scoring the most runs in the T20 World Cup in Australia. Even so, Kohli’s inability to play spinners made it very hard for him to have the same touch in test cricket. Except for a 44-run knock in Delhi, it didn’t show up in the Bangladesh test series or the Border-Gavaskar trophy.

I am not a guy who is happy with 40 and 45s: Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli finally got his long-awaited 28th test century at that point. At the beginning of the innings, Kohli didn’t look too sure of himself, but he soon got the hang of the wicket. He worked hard for almost two days, facing 364 deliveries with only 15 fours. It was a long display of patience and determination that showed up in the runs he made in the end. Virat Kohli felt a small amount of happiness and relief. The game ended in a tie, but the player with the bat was named the player of the match.

Reflecting on his innings with head coach Rahul Dravid, Kohli explained how difficult it was for him to get out after starting well. “To be honest, I let some of the problems get to me because of my own flaws. On the other hand, I am not the kind of guy who is happy with 40s and 45s. I know that when I’m at 40, I can get a 150 here, which will help my team. That was really getting to me. I was always proud of the fact that when the team needed me, I would step up and do my best, even when things were hard. Virat Kohli said, “The fact that I wasn’t able to do that was bothering me.”

In the Border-Gavaskar trophy, the Indian team beat Australia by a score of 2-1. Due to the death of his mother, Pat Cummins missed the last two tests and won’t go to India for the ODI series either. During the three ODIs, Steve Smith will be in charge of the team. The first game will be played in Mumbai on March 17.

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