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Is England, the reigning champs, eliminated from the World Cup?


Are India, the defending champions, yet in the semifinals? Not exactly, is the response to both!
England has had a dismal start to the World Cup 2023, losing four of their first five matches, the last of which saw them thrashed by Sri Lanka. However, because of the tournament’s format, which sees each of the 10 teams play the other nine before the semifinals, they still have a chance to finish in the top four. In fact, they may possibly finish third with 10 points provided they win their final four games, which is a difficult order considering their appalling performances thus far.

Here’s one combination to show how that may occur:
After losing their final four games, New Zealand finishes with eight points.
India only lost to England in their four games, winning three of them, while South Africa defeated every other nation. Next, South Africa (ranked 14) and India (16) will occupy the top two positions.
Afghanistan defeated Australia and the Netherlands, while Australia defeated New Zealand but lost their other games. Afghanistan and Australia will then both end on eight.
Pakistan defeated Bangladesh and New Zealand, while Sri Lanka defeated Afghanistan and New Zealand. Pakistan and Sri Lanka will also end on eight.
In this scenario, England needs 10 points to secure third place, with five teams on eight vying for fourth place.

Does that imply that even if Pakistan loses to South Africa tomorrow, they will still be in the running?

Yes, it does. Pakistan can only gain 10 points if they lose on Friday, and they currently have four points from five games. According to the above-described set of possibilities, Pakistan will really take third place on 10 points, while England will be among the five teams vying for fourth place on 8 points, if the outcome of the England vs. Pakistan match on November 11 is reversed. This is the final league encounter for both teams.

India, what about it? If they defeat England on Sunday, will they automatically qualify?

India’s perfect record in the competition would be preserved if they win on Sunday, bringing their total points from six games to 12. While the aforementioned example shows how eight may be sufficient to qualify, it is also feasible that twelve may not be enough. Five more teams might join India on 12 if they lose their next five games and remain there. Net run rates will thereafter be the deciding factor.

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