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Kohli is everything that it means to be Australian


Virat Kohli has insured that the eyes of the cricketing world will be set on the Sydney Cricket Ground on Thursday, despite the fact that a match between India and the Netherlands would not be considered to be “box-office material.”

After his historic innings that won the match against Pakistan, the dynamic master batsman will have legions of fans following his every move, and it won’t just be those from India.

The other day, among the crowds of fans cheering for Pakistan and India, there was a group of Australians who could be heard shouting out Kohli’s name. During this time, he was playing the field before he hit the two most historic sixes he had ever hit.

It is hardly surprising that a cricket player of his level is adored by fans all over the world. On the other hand, people in Australia regard him as one of their own. His characteristics are unique to them, including the blatant expression of machismo and the you-don’t-mess-with-me attitude, as well as the dogged drive to win, which they refer to it as Australianism.

So says former Aussie cricketer Lisa Sthalekar. “The way that Virat Kohli plays cricket is actually more Australian than anything else. When you consider what he has accomplished for Indian cricket, you will notice that he has put an emphasis on fielding and made fitness a priority.

“VIRAT is a name that everyone, even those who don’t follow cricket, will undoubtedly be familiar with. The former all-rounder continues by saying, “And it goes without saying that he catches the imagination of people who love cricket.”

They have admired cricketers like as Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar, as well as Brian Lara and Viv Richards. But none of them could be considered one of their own. They can call Kohli their own.

In the past, a large number of retired Australian cricketers have voiced their agreement with this viewpoint. In a letter that he wrote for the Sydney Morning Herald approximately two years ago, Greg Chappell said that Kohli is the “most Australian non-Australian cricketer of all time.” To drive home his point, he used a Gandhi analogy, saying, “Many former Indian cricket teams had a tendency to play with extreme deference to their opponents, as though in accordance with the Gandhian ethos.” Virat Kohli is not one to subscribe to the philosophy of passive resistance. He is an advocate of unrestrained, unbridled aggression.

“The two guys that I was with said that the AFL Grand Final is all about corporates, and that it’s just a scene of people who want to be there to be seen. They witnessed this match and said that everyone seems to have a great deal of emotional investment in this match.

The event between India and the Netherlands, which will take place in Sydney, is not anticipated to be as momentous due to the fact that India is likely to win. However, there has been an overwhelming amount of excitement to watch Kohli.

Passengers riding the SCG line trams have been informed that Thursday will be a busy day and that they should make travel preparations appropriately. On Thursday, the streets, lanes, trams, and buses that lead to the Staples Center for the Performing Arts will, without a doubt, be jam-packed.

People now have closer relationships, and at the same time, there have been more games of cricket played. Before Sachin’s retirement, he had only participated in a single Twenty20 International. According to Sthalekar, “the game has evolved so much, and Virat is more approachable, and that is (one reason why) the love affair endures.”

It’s not just that Australia adores Kohli; Kohli also has a soft spot in his heart for Australia. During the storm chase against Sri Lanka in Hobart, it was here that he first established his world-beating class, and it was a memorable moment.

Sthalekar is in awe of that innings up to this day. She exclaims in awe, “What skill!” Those two balls that were bowled at the end of the 19th over will be remembered forever. On the up, with the weight moving backwards, and to deposit it straight up over the bowler’s head for six, it is a stroke that not many individuals in this world are capable of playing. “It’s incredible to see what that gentleman is capable of,” she says.

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