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MS Dhoni successfully recovers from knee surgery


Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a former captain of India, had surgery on his left knee. The operation went smoothly, and Dhoni is in excellent physical condition, according to the hospital and sources within Chennai Super Kings (CSK), who spoke with Cricbuzz. Although it was first anticipated that he would be in the hospital for two more days, it was discovered late one night that Dhoni had been released.

Kasi Viswanathan, the CEO of CSK, disclosed that he spoke with Dhoni on Thursday morning following the operation. “I chatted with him following the procedure. I am unable to describe the surgery, although we have been informed that it is a key-hole surgery. In our talk, he seemed fine, the CSK representative said.

At the Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai, Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala, a sports medicine expert who had earlier operated on Rishabh Pant for a related issue, performed surgery on Dhoni (41). Sakshi, Dhoni’s wife, is by his side in the medical facility. On Wednesday, May 31, in the evening, Dhoni was checked into the hospital.

As Cricbuzz previously reported, the CSK administration has sent Dr. Madhu Thottappil, its team doctor, to Mumbai to supervise Dhoni’s treatment. Although the precise timing of his complete recovery is yet unknown, it is anticipated that Dhoni will be back in action in approximately two months.

Dhoni made a commitment to return the next year and play one final season for his supporters who have supported him during the just finished IPL season after winning the IPL on Monday night.

Dhoni is in good hands, according to John Gloster, a former India and current Rajasthan Royals physio who has worked with Dr. Pardiwala.

“Dr. Dinshaw is a very skilled surgeon, especially for the knees and shoulders. We are fortunate to have a person of his caliber in India. He is a surgeon who only acts if he is certain the results will be noteworthy, according to Gloster, who spoke to Cricbuzz.

“With such a skilled surgeon performing the procedure, Dhoni can relax. Over the years, I’ve treated a number of athletes alongside him in close collaboration. Anytime Dinshaw gets engaged, a great result is guaranteed.

What exactly is a key-hole surgery?

A different name for arthroscopic surgery is keyhole surgery. There is no open surgery involved, and the entire knee is not cut open. In order to put the cameras and tools required for the surgery inside the knee, very small incisions are made in three or four locations around the knee.

The majority of knee surgeries today, according to experts, are performed using arthroscopic techniques. An open procedure might only be required when one does the primary ligament repair. Given that it was performed by arthroscopy, it is anticipated that the recovery period will be shorter than three months.

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