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Pujara is a stalwart, and he has rendered yeoman service to the sport of Indian cricket: The legendary Ravi Shastri


Ravi Shastri’s most notable accomplishment as a coach was getting an exhausted Indian team ready to face a relentless Australian pace attack at the Gabba in 2021. This was one of Ravi Shastri’s greatest victories. Cheteshwar Pujara’s batting performance in that Test exemplified India’s resiliency and he was one of the players he inspired to keep fighting. Pujara remained resolute as he took blow after blow to his body, but he did not give up. He was bloodied, battered, and bruised. He was referred to by Shastri as a fighter.

This is a milestone that only 12 other Indian cricketers have reached up to this point. “He is my soldier, just as I said he would be after the Gabba Test,” I said to myself. He is a fierce fighter. If India was able to make history by claiming victory in two series while playing in Australia, Pujara was a significant contributor to the success of India’s team. Massive.

“He is a stealthy operative who, when necessary, can be extremely dangerous. He is the epitome of a true professional and has been of great service to Indian cricket throughout his career. On the occasion of his 100th test, please join me in congratulating him.

Shastri believed that Pujara’s unique selling proposition (USP) is his tenacity, which has carried him all the way to his 100th Test match. He also believed that as Pujara gained experience, he added resilience to his batting skills. It is a quality that many players possess, and it is one that has served him well throughout the majority of his career. His stubbornness is his greatest strength. His ability to be a little more flexible in the latter half of his career has enabled him to improve the strength of his batting.

In addition to this, Shastri discussed Pujara’s role in the Indian team as well as his influence. “His ability to maintain his hold on the No. 3 position for such a significant portion of Indian cricket’s history is his most significant contribution.” When Rahul Dravid retired, he left behind some large shoes for his successor to fill. It is a testament to his skills, ability, and quality that he was able to take that position and maintain it for more than a decade and 100 Tests. After Dravid’s retirement, he became the owner of that property, yes.

Shastri provided an explanation as to how Pujara was able to pass that vitally important and challenging test while batting in that crucial position. Shastri defined the role of a No. 3 batsman. “Before one can determine what is expected of a No. 3, one must first observe the conditions.” The strategy will change depending on the conditions at hand as well as the circumstances of the situation. A sufficient indication that he has been getting the majority of things right is the fact that he has been able to maintain his form for such a long time and play in 100 test matches.

Pujara scored runs all over the world despite facing the ferocious pace of bowlers from England, Australia, and South Africa. He is also proficient in spin bowling, an aspect that is taking the lead in the matchup between India and Australia at the moment.

Due to the fact that he has participated in a significant amount of domestic cricket, he is an excellent batsman against spin bowling. It is a quality that has been demonstrated by someone who has participated in one hundred tests. The West Indies, England, and South Africa are among the countries in which he has scored runs. He is active in many different parts of the world. What else do you want? He recently played in a test in Bangladesh, where he scored 100 and 90. (in December last year in Chattogram). You must be recalling what the spinners did to us in Bangladesh while we were there. He finished up by saying, “He got runs everywhere.”

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