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“Recent events in Afghanistan worry us.” The ICC could take serious action against Afghanistan for not being able to put together a women’s team


After violating ICC guidelines, Afghanistan’s cricket might be severely punished. A full member of the world body must have men’s and women’s teams.

ACB violated ICC rules. The Taliban government’s suppression of women’s rights and ban on university enrollment has exacerbated the issue.

CA’s withdrawal from the 3-match ODI series against Afghanistan has angered several Afghan players. UAE hosted the series.

The March ICC meeting will address the problem. Cricbuzz was informed by an ICC spokesperson.

“We are worried by recent developments in Afghanistan and the ICC board will evaluate the consequences at its next meeting and we continue in communication with other global sports organisations that share our vision of seeing men and women participating sport in Afghanistan.”

We want to see men and women safely playing cricket in Afghanistan and have always believed that the best way to do this is through helping our member, the Afghanistan Cricket Board, in its development efforts.”
Cricket Australia’s ODI series withdrawal has hurt Afghanistan cricket. The UAE-based ICC ODI Super League series was scheduled.

Captain Rashid Khan and former captain Mohammad Nabi are furious.

Rashid slammed CA on social media for cancelling the trip. He even said he will reconsider his Big Bash League choice (BBL).

If playing Afghanistan makes Australia uneasy, I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable in the BBL. I will strongly examine my future in that competition.”
Mohammad Nabi said politics and sports shouldn’t mingle. He even wondered why Australia played them in the last T20 World Cup and daring them to boycott the 50-over World Cup later this year.

Politics and sports should not mingle. Why did the World Cup regime play us? for two points. For World Cup success, they needed a solid NRR. What will happen in India’s World Cup? Will they boycott us there? “The rationale they gave is not right,” Nabi remarked at the inaugural International League T20, where he plays for the Sharjah Warriors.
In January and February, South Africa will host the inaugural women’s U-19 World Cup and T20 World Cup. Afghanistan’s inability to compete in any competition may slow their cricketing development.

Cricket Australia and Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) tense interaction (CA)
Both nations’ cricket boards argued. The ACB called CA’s decision “unfair” and said it will hurt the country’s cricketing growth. ACB will reconsider issuing BBL players NOCs.
Cricket Australia is hurting the game and the relationship between the two nations by prioritising political objectives over fair play and sportsmanship. The judgement is harsh and unexpected and would hurt Afghanistan’s cricket development and passion for the game.

The CA announced the pull-out, citing the Taliban’s increased restrictions on women. Cricket Australia already cancelled a 2021 Test match.

“This decision follows the Taliban’s recent declaration of more limitations on women’s and girls’ education, work, and park and gym usage. “CA is dedicated to supporting expanding the game for women and men around the world, including in Afghanistan, and will continue to work with the Afghanistan Cricket Board in expectation of improved conditions for women and girls,” the Australian board stated in announcing the departure.

The ACB disagreed with CA’s remark. They said cricket helped unite the nation under turmoil.

Cricket has helped Afghanistan unite and pride itself. Cricket has united the country after years of war and bloodshed. It has given Afghans, especially youth, hope and inspiration. Cricket has also promoted national education and social development.
The average neutral cricket fan is undecided. Australia’s withdrawal from the series is morally justified. However, punishing players who are not accountable for government choices seems questionable.

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