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Ronaldo didn’t secretly agree to €19m in deferred wages with Juventus


Football Italia reported on Cristiano Ronaldo’s business transactions with Juventus.

The article claims investigators are investigating Ronaldo’s €19 million deferred payment deal with Juventus. Due to COVID-19.

Although Juve signed this deal, Ronaldo did not. “The secret contract exists, but Ronaldo never signed it, only Juventus signed it,” a close lawyer said.
The unidentified lawyer said Ronaldo’s lawyers advised him not to sign. It is unknown how this will be handled, but it appears that both parties and the investigators will soon become more involved.

As financial investigations continue at the Turin club, this news will likely be of interest.

Ronaldo Jr. joined a Saudi academy.
Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. has joined a Saudi Arabian academy like his father, according to rumours. This follows his father’s reported €200 million-a-year arrangement with Al-Nassr.

Ronaldo Jr. played in some of Europe’s most famous clubs’ academies. While his father scored for Real Madrid, Juventus, and Manchester United, the boy played for their youth teams.
The youth prospect quit Manchester United’s youth team after Cristiano Ronaldo Srmutual .’s termination last year. Like his father, he wore number 7 for his team.

Cristiano Jr. will join the Saudi Mahd academy, according to GOAL. As he nears professional age, he hopes to improve his game. Fans and interested parties will follow the highly-rated youth prospect in this new phase of his career.

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