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Sakshi, MS Dhoni’s wife, reveals MSD’s unique connection to August 15th


MS Dhoni has a particular place in his cricketing career for the 15th of August. On August 15, 2020, the former Indian captain, who is also one of the most successful captains in international cricket, announced his retirement from international competition.

Three years have passed since MS Dhoni announced his international retirement on August 15, 2023. His absence in the national squad has not yet been filled, and in international cricket, no one has come up to take his place.

The fans of the Indian cricket team are missing the former captain as they compete in the ODI World Cup at home, four years after losing to New Zealand in the World Cup semifinals.

Thank you so much for your love and support throughout, MS Dhoni wrote in the caption of an Instagram post on August 15, 2020.Consider me as Retired as of 1929 hours,” he broke the internet and sent the supporters into a frenzy.

As they would no longer be able to watch the Indian captain wearing the national colors, fans reacted to this news with regret rather than joy. The song “Main Pal Do Pal Ka Shayar Hoon,” a favorite of MS Dhoni, was released alongside the post.

Mother of MS Dhoni was born on August 15th.
Through Instagram Stories, MS Dhoni’s wife Sakshi highlighted his unique connection to August 15. In addition to being the day he announced his international retirement, August 15th is also MS Dhoni’s mother’s birthday. Sakshi told tales about the subject.

After IPL 2024, the former Indian captain had surgery on his left knee. According to reports, MS Dhoni managed his club win the fifth IPL championship despite playing through the ailment the entire season. Kasi Viswanathan, CEO of CSK, discussed MS Dhoni’s knee issue with ESPNCricinfo.

We won’t ask him “what are you going to do, how,” etc. because he already knows what to do and how to approach the situation. He’ll let us know on his own. Any action he takes will be preceded by a call to Mr. N Srinivasan and no one else. In actuality, he’ll be honest with him. We’ll learn that he is acting in this manner from him. Since 2008, things have been this way. It will continue in that manner, declared Viswanathan.

MS Dhoni made it known that he intended to play in IPL 2024 after IPL 2023 as a means of saying “thank you” to his supporters for their love and support throughout his career.

Circumstantially, as you can see, this is the ideal time to make my retirement announcement…the difficult thing for me is to work hard for another 9 months and come back and play at least one more season of IPL,” Dhoni had said about returning to play in IPL 2024. “But the amount of love and affection I have been shown wherever I have been this year, the easy thing would be for me to say “Thank you very much,” but the tough thing is for me to work hard for another 9 months.

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