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Stefanos Tsitsipas, speaking of competing alongside his brother Petros in the United Cup, said, “It’s a lovely story in a manner”


Stefanos Tsitsipas will lead Greece in the 2023 United Cup, which begins in Australia on December 29.

Top names from both the men’s and women’s games arrived in Perth, Brisbane, and Sydney on Wednesday for the team tournament.

Stefanos Tsitsipas called playing with his brother Petros a “fairytale.” The World No. 4 stated he and his brother have long dreamed of representing Greece together in the United Cup.

Stefanos Tsitsipas and his brother had longed for him to join the team. “As kids, we wanted to represent our Davis Cup team and work together. It’s a fairytale.”
Tsitsipas is happy of his brother’s professional success and looks forward to playing doubles with him at the Australian Open.

Stefanos Tsitsipas and his brother don’t see each other often because he plays challenger events. “I have faith in him, and now we can qualify for our first Australian Open main draw doubles without a wild card. That’s recent progress.”

Stefanos admired his brother’s determination to ascend the sport’s ranks.

“He’s worked harder and sacrificed more to reach where he wants to be,” he said. “He’s amazing. His commitment is exemplary. Currently, he’s our second-best male doubles player (smiling). He’s progressing. This season will provide him more chances, which I’m thrilled about.”

Petros Tsitsipas: “It’s always a terrific opportunity”
Petros claimed he was “fortunate” to be competing with his brother. The teenager said he was excited to play against the world’s finest and feel all the “emotions.”

Petros Tsitsipas: “It’s a tremendous chance.” “I’m lucky to play with him in major tournaments. As a kid, I suppose every player dreams of performing on such a stage and feeling so many emotions. I have no complaints. Stefanos remarked that was our childhood fantasy.”

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