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Taylor Fritz: “There’s a reason Nick Kyrgios’ matches are packed”


Taylor Fritz recently discussed tennis players breaking their racquets on the court, referencing Nick Kyrgios.

Fritz played in the Diriyah Tennis Cup on December 10. In the summit, he met Daniil Medvedev. The American ended 2022 with a straight-sets win over Medvedev.
Fritz told CLAY during the competition about tennis players breaking racquets. He supports the action as long as no one is hurt since it draws younger tennis fans.

“Younger fans appreciate craziness, in my opinion. But it’s flat. You can’t put anyone in danger, hit a ball into the crowd, or throw a racket at someone “- Fritz “If you smash your racquet on the court and it doesn’t leave your hand and no one is close by, I see no problem with it. If your racquet business fines you, that’s OK, but fans adore it “Fritz commented.

He also said this explains why Nick Kyrgios’ matches are “packed.”

“All of Nick Kyrgios’ matches are crowded. Some players go too far, and I don’t want people behaving insane, but I think we punish things fans like in tennis. As a sport, we need younger fans “said “When players have beef, maybe don’t like each other, people are more pumped to see them play” – Taylor Fritz

In the same interview, Taylor Fritz elaborated. He stated that tennis spectators over 50 don’t like drama on the court. Despite disagreeing with him, they agree.

“I know many will disagree and say, “I detest seeing players smash racquets.” You must be above 50 to say that. Definitely. You’re a die-hard tennis fan, which I admire, but the average tennis fan is too old. We need to recruit younger fans “Fritz, Taylor.

“Die-hard tennis fans like it classy and courteous and want no one doing anything, I respect that, but they should also want what’s best for the sport, which is attracting a younger audience,” he said.

The 25-year-old said “drama” is needed. Younger fans like a match when there is “beef” between two players.

“My generation loves drama. When players have beef or don’t like each other, fans are more excited for their games. Be truthful. You know there’s something between them “Fritz, Taylor.

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