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The 2023 Asia Cup will be held in Pakistan. Virat Kohli Discusses the IND vs. PAK Rivalry and His Opinion


Virat Kohli, an Indian batter, spoke candidly about the animosity between India and Pakistan. He said that it is impossible to deny the fact that the atmosphere is significantly different when they play their arch-rivals.

The Asia Cup 2023 will feature a tight race between India and Pakistan. They’ll be squaring off on September 2 in Kandy, and they might also do battle in the tournament’s Super 4s and championship game. But the excitement doesn’t stop there since they’re also scheduled to play on October 14 in the ICC World Cup 2023 match.

Virat Kohli has always been India’s go-to player for the match against Pakistan. He has repeatedly led his team to victory in games where the majority of players have buckled under duress because he has stood tall and remained composed.

When the two Asian Titans square off, all eyes will be on Virat Kohli again, and it’s safe to say that he will once again be the key for his team because he has repeatedly shown that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

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Regarding the match between India and Pakistan, Virat Kohli said: “Look, I wouldn’t deny the fact that the outside atmosphere is very, very different from any other game. The game, though, is Pakistan se kisi bhi tournament mai (with Pakistan in any tournament), and you can’t truly ignore what is created on the outside.

Asia Cup 2023: Once you get to the park, it’s back to business as usual, according to Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli explained the India vs. Pakistan game further by stating that for him as a player, entering the field is similar to entering other games.

But as a player, as I’ve emphasized numerous times, once you go onto the field, it’s just like any other game to you. The surrounding surroundings may entice you, but you should only do so until you arrive at the park, after which it will be business as usual.

While Virat Kohli is presently taking it easy, he has been working out hard at the gym, thus his hustle never stops for him. He’ll be seen in action in 2023 at the Asia Cup. He will be of utmost importance to the team during the competition.

During the recent West Indies tour, he was observed in action. In two Test matches, he played explosive innings, scoring a half-century in the first game and a century in the second. Later, he was denied a chance to bat in the ODI series.

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