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There are currently 3 women serving in support roles for IPL teams during the 2023 season.


The much-anticipated Women’s IPL is set to start in early 2023, and it looks like it will change the way women’s cricket is played. In the last few years, cricketing organizations have worked hard to get more women involved in the sport.

Administrators have also put female umpires in men’s matches. This is in addition to increasing the number of women’s cricket tournaments and giving male and female cricketers the same pay. Earlier this year, there were Legends League Cricket tournaments in Oman and India. The matches were run by female umpires.

There are now women on the BCCI social media team, and a few IPL teams have added women to their support staff. Now, we’re going to make a list of the three women who will work as support staff for IPL teams during the 2023 season.

1 Navnita Gautam – Massage Therapist, Royal Challengers Bangalore

Since the 2019 season, Navnita Gautam has been part of the support staff for Royal Challengers Bangalore. During the 2019 season, she was the only woman on the RCB support staff, but she made it clear that she wasn’t worried about it.

“Not even close. It’s like always having 20 brothers around. The change is happening slowly but surely. I think it shouldn’t matter what gender you are as long as the players and support staff trust your work. After all, we are all health care professionals “In an interview, this is what Navnita Gautam had said.

Her social media bio says that she is a certified Athletic Therapist who was born in Canada and moved to India. She has a lot of experience in her field, having worked for the Toronto Nationals of Global T20 Canada and then for the Indian women’s basketball team for a short time.

Gautam also worked as a support person for the Netherlands team at the T20 World Cup 2021, which was held in UAE and Oman.

2 Dr. Harini Priyadarshini is the Royal Challengers Bangalore team doctor.

Dr. Harini Priyadarshini is another woman who will help support Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL 2023. All IPL teams have a team doctor, and that job belongs to Harini on the RCB support staff.

We don’t know much about her, but the Bangalore-based franchise’s website says she was born on October 19, 1992, making her 30 years old now.

3 Kinita Kadakia Patel is a professional sports nutritionist who has worked with the Mumbai Indians for a long time. Her advice has helped many players get in the best shape possible.

Kinita has worked with more than just the Mumbai Indians. He has also helped the Indian kabaddi player Vishal Mane change in a big way.

Patel is also a devoted fan of Indian sports. Her tweets show how much she cares about the Indian cricket team and other Indian athletes. She also posts tips on Instagram, where more than 420,000 people follow her.

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