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Virat Kohli takes control at the MCG with the nail biting performance against Pakistan .


Virat Kohli is not just a man but a feeling.  Whenever he steps up to the bat, he brings the entire universe along with him and one billion of its people.

On a day when only the extraordinary were allowed into the MCG, one of India’s greatest players played an innings that may go down as India’s all-time best Twenty20 performance. It has to be due to the fact that, in the end, they prevailed over Pakistan, which resulted into tears in his eye.

As the final three overs were being bowled, India needed 48 runs to win a match in which they were chasing 160. In addition to this, they were up against a bowling attack that was utilising every bit of venom that was available on a pitch that featured terrifying speed and seething bounce.

Haris Rauf was more lightning bolt than flesh and bone. It was because of him that Pakistan was able to participate in this wild game again. Therefore, it was inevitable that he leave.

Kohli’s batting performance throughout the night was at a level that simply should not have been achievable.  In a manner identical to the two sixes he hit to end the 19th over.

Despite this, Hardik was having a difficult time. Because of the immense amount of pressure he was under to find those sixes, he started looking for them in all the wrong places, such as square of the wicket at the MCG. Rauf bowled an outstanding 19th over, particularly the first four balls of the over, which increased the equation to 28 runs off of 8. Then Kohli got on strike. He was aware that the curved boundaries were longer than the straight ones. Then he set out to find them. A foothold has been established. Then there was another one hiding behind the wicket. Moreover, poof. Simply put, the difference is 12 off 2. In order to maintain such a level of rationality and objectivity  there is no adequate word for it.

Kohli said it himself. “I have no words. I have no idea how this happened”.

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