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When Serena Williams was younger, her coach asked her: “Is Serena going to play again?” In doubles for sure


Rick Macci, who coached Serena Williams when she was a child, predicts that the American tennis icon will compete in doubles when she makes her comeback. Williams, who is now 41 years old, retired from professional tennis after the US Open of the previous year. But Williams never unequivocally stated that there was a hundred percent chance that she would never again compete on a tennis court.



“Everyone is wondering if @Serenawilliams will play again in the future. My response is most certainly in doubles with the person who she has been skipping and holding hands with since she was nine years old “Macci shared his thoughts on Twitter.

Rick Macci on Twitter
Rick Macci on Twitter

How does Williams feel about making his return?

Since Williams’s run at the US Open came to an end, approximately six months have passed.


Williams acknowledged in one of her most recent interviews that she is conflicted about her future in the sport because she believes that she is still capable of competing at a very high level. Williams did mention, however, that she is more at peace with her decision now than she was when it was first made, which was approximately six months ago.


“Now, without a doubt, I have a better sense of calm. It’s worth looking into. I believe that I experience conflicting emotions due to the fact that I am still able to play at a very, very, very high level. With that being said, I always wanted to leave the game playing at a very high level. However, it is challenging because thoughts such as “Oh my gosh, I could still play, and I could still do all of that stuff” keep running through my head.


Despite the fact that Williams believes she is still capable of playing at a very high level, she acknowledges that some of their closest friends and family do not share her opinion. “Actually, I did play the other day, and afterward I thought to myself, “There is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t be playing professional tennis.”


There really is no justification for it at all.


But, you know, there has to be an explanation for that, right? It is challenging for me because whenever I play, I find myself thinking, “Oh my god, I’m pretty good at this.” I am able to keep doing this, which is something that not many people can say, “Williams said.

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