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Why Cricket Fans Want R Ashwin to “Mankad” England in T20 World Cup Semi-finals


Ravichandran Ashwin was not playing cricket when the term “Mankading” first appeared in the sport’s lexicon, but since 2019, the Indian veteran spinner has clearly established himself as the sport’s “poster boy” for the unusual method of dismissal. The fact that Ashwin is a vocal supporter of the non-end striker’s run-out despite the stigma surrounding it is the icing on the cake, and fans are now looking forward to seeing the “unorthodox” mode of dismissal come into play when India face off against England in the much-anticipated semi-finals of the T20 World Cup contest at the Adelaide Oval. The match will take place on Sunday, March 24. And all they want is for Ashwin to carry out the “dirty work” without any remorse.

The following are the basic guidelines for playing Mankad and Mankading: In order to get an edge, the batter is backing up while the pitcher is delivering the pitch. The bowler gets rid of them while they are in their delivery stride by rattling the bails without giving them any previous warning. The MCC, which is responsible for upholding the rules of cricket, has stated once again that a non-striker being run out while backing up is not against the rules of the game. In point of fact, the running out of the non-striker (Mankad) has been transferred from Law 41 – Unfair Play to Law 38 – Run-out in the revised code of laws that MCC has adopted.

Ashwin is aware that it is just. However, Jos Buttler, the captain of England, wants to keep his distance from a dismissal that he believes goes against the “spirit of the game.”

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