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‘You Guys Aren’t Important,’ Irfan Pathan shouts at Pakistani fans. Writes on X


Irfan Pathan, a former Indian cricketer, poked fun at Pakistan cricket fans on Tuesday, October 3. He claimed that none of his posts are regarding his neighbors (Padosi).

In recent years, Irfan Pathan has had numerous altercations with Pakistani supporters. Every time Pakistan loses and India wins, the ex-cricketer makes fun of them. Fans on the opposing side, who also supported the batsman, haven’t been kind either.

Irfan Pathan made indirect fun of himself once more. Before adding that if people don’t respond, they won’t gain traction, he claimed that everything he posts isn’t about them. He spoke to X and said:

On X, Padosi takes everything personally. You guys really don’t matter. NOTHING IS ALL ABOUT YOU. Even while I understand, how will you guys gain traction and survive if you don’t act like you do?

Irfan Pathan recently made a veiled jab at Pakistani supporters by claiming that India are the best hosts in all aspects of life, not just cricket. All of the participants will have a special time here, he noted. He explained on his X account as follows:

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“Kaafi log hamari mehman Nawazi se surprise hai. Not just in cricket, but in other facets of life, we are the best HOST. That describes us as a people and as a country. All of the nations that traveled to compete in the World Cup will have an extremely memorable competition.

Particularly shocked by the reception the Pakistani squad received in India were Pakistani fans. There were “Babar Babar” and “Shaheen Shaheen” cries as they landed in India, and even the players themselves were moved by the reception.

Irfan Pathan predicts South Africa will beat India in the 2023 ICC World Cup final.
Irfan Pathan recently projected the 2023 ICC World Cup finalist lineup. He picked South Africa and India to make it to the championship game. He was a member of Star Sports’ expert panel. Along with him, a few other game legends also made predictions.

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