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After Argentina’s victory in the quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup, Andy Murray praised Lionel Messi for his gesture, calling it “what leadership looks like”


Andy Murray recently praised soccer icon Lionel Messi for his display of leadership during Argentina’s historic victory over the Netherlands in the quarterfinals of the ongoing FIFA World Cup. The match was played in the Netherlands. After the game, Murray made the observation that Messi’s action of extending his hand to Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez was exemplary of strong leadership.

Martinez was able to make a couple of crucial saves during the penalty shootout, which ultimately led to Argentina’s victory over the Netherlands on Friday. His efforts helped Argentina claim the victory (December 9). Emiliano Martinez, who was playing for Argentina, collapsed in a state of elation not long after the game’s conclusion when the final penalty kick taken by Lautaro Martinez was successful. Messi ran over to celebrate with the goalkeeper while the rest of the team celebrated aggressively in the face of the players from the Netherlands and rushed to the player who scored the goal.

Andy Murray was moved by Messi’s act of generosity and congratulated the Argentine captain on his performance.

Murray responded to a post on Instagram that highlighted Messi’s action by writing, “That’s what leadership looks like,” on the photo-sharing platform.

The tennis player who has won Wimbledon twice is a huge Lionel Messi fan and has been paying close attention to the Argentine superstar’s performances at the ongoing FIFA World Cup. During Argentina’s matches over the past few weeks, Murray and the controversial British journalist Piers Morgan have frequently engaged in lighthearted banter over social media.

Morgan was mocked by Murray after Messi scored an extraordinary goal for Argentina during their victory over Mexico. Morgan is a bigger fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi’s great rival who plays for Portugal, and frequently makes fun of the Argentine player.

Martina Navratilova responded to the tweet as well, which added more salt to the wound it had already caused.

“Did Piers underestimate Messi’s ability? Big mistake:)” Navratilova wrote, addressing Murray’s tweet in her response.

Later, when Messi missed a penalty in Argentina’s win over Poland and also when Cristiano Ronaldo controversially claimed a goal in Portugal’s match against Uruguay, Murray and Morgan took friendly jabs at each other.

Lionel Messi celebrates during the Netherlands vs. Argentina Quarter-Final match at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Andy Murray remarked, “Messi is the man” after the soccer legend scored an incredible goal at the FIFA World Cup.

Lionel Messi shows his excitement during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 quarter-final match between the Netherlands and Argentina.

Andy Murray had also expressed his admiration for Lionel Messi when the Barcelona legend and current star of PSG displayed lovely skills to score the all-important opening goal in Argentina’s Round of 16 tie against Australia last week. The match was against Australia, and the goal was extremely important. Messi was able to dribble past the Australian defence and finish the goal with his second touch inside the box. The goal was in the lower right corner.

Murray tweeted the following in response to Messi’s goal and to his overall outstanding performance throughout the match:

“Messi is the one for the job.”

Even though Andy Murray is her favourite player, Victoria Azarenka is a huge Lionel Messi supporter. In addition to that, she has been very vocal in voicing her support for the Argentine national soccer team and the legendary player who is 35 years old.

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