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Andre Agassi’s thinking is unlike any other tennis player’s: Ex-coach Darren Cahill


Former coach Darren Cahill lauded Andre Agassi’s rigorous thinking. At 33, Agassi began working with Cahill. Cahill had great success with the eight-time Grand Slam winner from 2002 to 2006.

The Australian returned Agassi to the top of the ATP rankings, making him the oldest World No. 1. Cahill helped him win the 2003 Melbourne Major.

Cahill discussed working with Agassi on The Big Deal – Australian Sports Business Podcast.

“Andre Agassi’s thinking is unlike any other tennis player’s. He’ll ask 50 questions on a player’s style, tendencies, and ball spin. Will they weight the back leg? The front leg? Would this shot react? Lean back or slice? Will he use spin? Can I attack next ball? “recalled.
The Australian added that tutoring Agassi required his best.

“You had to be on your game with him,” he added. “He knew that players are responsible on the court, so he didn’t have to be correct. He needed all this knowledge to consider before playing his tennis match “said.
Cahill is a successful tennis instructor. He helped 20-year-old Lleyton Hewitt win his maiden Major at the 2001 US Open. He helped Simona Halep win her first Grand Slam at the 2018 French Open and become WTA World No. 1.

The 57-year-old says working with Andre Agassi is unusual.

“For me, it was a great learning curve in preparing, doing your homework, and making sure that you are ready to provide him the knowledge that he needed to compete the way he wanted,” Cahill said.

“I never really regarded it as a risk”—Darren Cahill describes how he started training with Andre Agassi.

Darren Cahill showers Andre Agassi with champagne.
After the 2003 Australian Open, Darren Cahill showers Andre Agassi with champagne.
In 2002, when Andre Agassi was on “the downhill slide with his career,” Darren Cahill began working with him.

The Australian saw things differently.
“I started with Andre Agassi at 32. He had a wrist injury and most people assumed his career was on the decline. Going over there and starting with him was risky. I never considered it risky “Cahill stated.
After briefly joining Agassi, Cahill said he didn’t want to discuss finances until the American was convinced of his skills.

“I told him, “I’m only here for six weeks.” Avoid money worries. We can work it out if you think I’m the coach to bring you there. I’ll improve if you don’t like what I’m bringing. I wanted to spend six weeks with the legend, and he didn’t disappoint. He’s great, still “stated.

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