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Hopefuls for India may have had to pay for breaking the code of behavior


The meetings of the selection group are mostly about the players’ form, performance, and fitness. But things that happen off the field, like breaking the code of conduct, come into play when there are major and repeated violations. This could have added a new dimension to the ongoing discussion about which players should go on the West Indies tour and which ones shouldn’t.

At least four players from north Indian Premier League (IPL) teams have been reported to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), according to dependable sources. The BCCI’s decision-makers admit that these violations have not been missed. It’s important to note that these players play for the West and North Zones in the domestic league when they’re not in the IPL.

The owner of a North team talked about a few situations and said that some of his players had broken the IPL player code more than once. So, he had no choice but to tell the BCCI what had happened. In fact, he said that four times during the IPL season that just ended, his players were found to have broken the rules.

Most of the time, after every game, the Integrity Officers who are assigned to teams report to the BCCI on how the Indian players behaved. In the case of this North franchise, both players had to be reported to the BCCI. They are young and have done well in local cricket.

“When I found out what was going on, I was very upset and told the BCCI about it right away. “The Integrity Officer also took the violation very seriously and did what he needed to do,” the owner of the team told Cricadda. He also said that these players were dealt with in the right way at the club level.

A former officer in charge of fighting corruption has confirmed that the Integrity Officer gives the BCCI a report on the behavior of Indian players after every match. But most of the reported violations had to do with disciplinary problems and breaking curfews, not with corruption.

Some of the players who were mentioned to the BCCI are either already on India’s Twenty20 team or are in the running to be picked. When the Twenty20 team is chosen, we will know more.

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