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Irfan Pathan Discusses His Terrifying Encounter With A Pakistani Crowd in IND vs. BAN; Aakash Chopra Reacts


Irfan Pathan, a former Indian cricket player, took aim at Pakistan Cricket for their grievance regarding crowd disturbances during the India vs. Pakistan match at the ICC World Cup 2023. He disclosed that he was struck under the eye by a nail while playing in Pakistan during his playing career.

After PCB filed an official protest about the conduct of the Indian fans in Pakistan, Irfan Pathan made his remark. After leaving, Mohammed Rizwan dealt with remarks about religion while he was making his way upstairs. In addition, the audience hurled paper airplanes toward Hasan Ali, who was fielding close to the boundary rope, as if this wasn’t enough.

However, the ICC did nothing and made it quite plain that they would not intervene, stating that thousands of people attend the game and it is impossible to identify the partisan audience.

When discussing his experience, Irfan Pathan stated that they didn’t let it bother them because they were too busy playing cricket. He took aim at Pakistan, telling them to quit stretching things and stop creating problems. During the IND vs. BAN game, he gave an explanation on air:

“A fan threw a nail at me while we were playing a game in Peshawar, and it hit me beneath my eye. I could have suffered severe injuries. We were playing excellent cricket, so we ignored the 10-minute stoppage in the match. Pakistan needs to quit criticizing Indian mob behavior. Things shouldn’t be stretched out here.

In reference to Irfan Pathan’s statement, BCCI ought to lodge a complaint with the ICC on the unsuitable conduct of Pakistani spectators. tweet.com/ww19RbIYg1

— Veer, or @_veerrr____ 19 October 2023

IND vs. BAN: Excellent job maintaining the larger picture in mind. Aakash Chopra praises Irfan Pathan for not taking it personally when a fan hits him in the eye with a nail.
Irfan Pathan received praise from Aakash Chopra for not bringing up the incident in which a fan struck him in the eye with a nail. He added that keeping the big picture in mind was a wise gesture on his part. He clarified;

“Irfan was struck in the eye by a nail that Peshawar fans threw at him; I was unaware of this.” I recall that the game was temporarily halted due to crowd unrest, but I was unaware of the precise cause until now. Congratulations for maintaining the big picture in mind. Love you, buddy.

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