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J.P. Duminy had this to say about Hardik Pandya: “He has the talent to become a great player for India across all formats”


Hardik Pandya should try to be available for India in all forms, according to former South African all-rounder JP Duminy. Hardik has recently stated that he will return to Tests ‘only when he believes it’s the appropriate moment,’ indicating that he will be focusing on white-ball cricket for the time being.

The prominent Indian all-rounder hasn’t played a Test match since 2018, due to a variety of health problems. However, Duminy and Hardik used to share a locker room with the Mumbai Indians, therefore Duminy is well aware of Hardik’s abilities.
SA20 held a press conference for a small number of journalists, and during it, JP Duminy spoke about Hardik Pandya.

“He will always stand up for the rights of all media types. You mentioned Hardik as a player with tremendous potential; having played with him, He agrees that he has the potential to become a fantastic all-around cricketer for India. He doesn’t know why he’s giving the white ball a higher priority than other sports, but I think it’s a good idea.”

Batsmen should be prepared to bowl when called for, says JP Duminy.
JP Duminy was not only an exceptional batsman but also a shrewd tactician with the ball, as he often bowled important off-spin overs, particularly in one-day internationals and twenty-over games. He said he used to bowl since it provided him more of an opportunity to make a difference in the game.

According to JP Duminy, India’s batting lineup lacks the versatility to produce effective bowlers.

“From an early age, I believed that one’s ability to affect the game was proportional to the number of positive contributions one could make. Why the Indian batters have quit bowling is a mystery to me. However, if you have access to such a tool, I strongly advise using it so that you may make a more informed decision when making your selection.”
The Paarl Royals, coached by Duminy, have made it to the semi-finals of the SA20 2023.

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