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MS Dhoni Takes an IndiGo flight in Economy Class and Plays Candy Crush | Viral Video


INDIA- MS Dhoni, a famous cricket player and the past captain of the Indian team, has been seen on an IndiGo (6E) flight and in a viral video playing Candy Crush Saga.

The video of the IndiGo cabin crew giving MS Dhoni cookies when he got on the plane is going viral on social media. Also, Candy Crush Saga said that this video led to 3.6 million new downloads and thanks MSD.

MS Dhoni was seen playing Candy Crush on IndiGo.
MS Dhoni is seen sitting in the window spot of an IndiGo Economy class plane in a video that went viral and was shared by many people on Twitter. Also, the 6E Crew is seen giving Legend different kinds of chocolate as a sign of love and friendship.

In a video, MS Dhoni can be seen playing Candy Crush on the tray table where his tab is. The interesting video has gone popular on the internet, capturing the attention of fans who couldn’t help but admire Dhoni’s humble attitude while talking to the flight attendant.

Here are some of the most-read and best tweets,

Muffadal Vohra, who only talks about cricket, posted the video above. Also, over a million people have seen the Tweet.

Candy Crush can’t give MSD much credit for making the game popular once more. On its official account, the company wrote, “Just in: We got 3.6 million new downloads in just three hours.” Thank you to @msdhoni, who is a legend in Indian cricket. We’re getting a lot of attention in India because of you.”

It’s well known that Dhoni loves to play video games, especially ones like Call of Duty, FIFA, and PUBG.

Ishant Sharma said in a recent interview that Dhoni is a big gamer. He loves to play online and video games, such as Call of Duty, and he especially likes PUBG.

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